The jar

A New Year’s resolution which has turned into a new lifestyle


In the last remaining days of 2015, I sat down with a pad of paper and thought up 52 little challenges that my family and I could complete together, one each week.  I bought a jar and put each of these little challenges inside.  On the first of our family supper nights of January I asked my eldest son to pick a challenge out of the jar, little did I know the impact this small but significant weekly ritual would be.

Throughout 2016 my boys, my mother and I completed (almost) all of the challenges and in doing so made some amazing memories, finally accomplished some long put off tasks, met new people, made our friends smile and learnt a little about ‘good values’ along the way.


This is my invitation to you to join us in doing some of the same original challenges, some different and some crazy new mini challenges with your family – you don’t have to commit in any way and I will only post one challenge a fortnight so no pressure, it is merely a lovely way to spend some time with your children away from screens, technology and distraction.