What is this blog all about?

As I haven’t written much for a while I thought I might reintroduce myself and give you a little reminder about what this blog is all about…


The brief version is that my Dad was a Philosopher and he wrote about morals and ethics.  We talked for hours about how challenging it was raising children nowadays.  Competing with technology is by far the biggest challenge and presents so many concerns for parents like us, like me.  After Dad passed away I thought it would be lovely to pass some of his wisdom and his ideas on to my children.  The only way I could see to do this was to start ‘doing’ more stuff with them.  Please feel free to take a look at the pages on the home page to see more about the reason behind my efforts. 

I came up with the jar idea in 2015, the year I lost my Dad. We completed family challenges throughout 2016 and in 2017 I started writing and the blog was born.  Since then my writing has been sporadic, to say the least, but I am once again feeling a little more enthused about putting some effort into it.  It is a commitment, there is no doubt about it – ask any blogger – but a worthwhile and therapeutic commitment nevertheless and who can say no to a bit of therapy?!

Being realistic for a moment however, I am a mum, an employee, a daughter, a sister and a friend.  I have two children who go to school and who need entertaining during the holidays.  I live a working mum life and it never stops to allow me much time to write, but, I do love to write and I feel like it’s time to apply myself again.  How regularly I manage to offer up an easy to manage, realistic and doable challenge for you to try with your family is unknown but I’m going to give it a good go again.

My children are getting older and my time to raise my decent young men, (she says with her fingers and toes crossed), is fast diminishing *sobs* so little activities, little chats and little accomplishments are what this is all about…. watch this space.




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