Mini kitchen table challenge – Get creative with a butternut squash or a little pumpkin and some pens…

IMG_7359In addition to my regular(ish) fortnightly family challenges, I will now occasionally throw in some little Sunday afternoon crafty activities that you can do at your kitchen table.  My mad ideas don’t always work but I’ll share the ones that do from time to time, you never know when you’ll need some wet afternoon activity inspiration…

This weekend we decorated a mini pumpkin, a ghost pumpkin, a squash and a butternut squash. They are selling them everywhere, in every shape and size, and for next to nothing, so grab some next time you’re out.  Just so you understand, I am not some ‘glue and glitter at the ready’ type mum.  In reality, I had a little grown-up mummy tantrum and confiscated phones, game controllers and other things because I had HAD ENOUGH of competing with a screen just to have a conversation with my own children so had to find an alternative to keep them entertained! 


IMG_7369So in my search for something to do in a hurry this was what I came up with.  It was initially met with some reluctance, but I persevered and it paid off. I unapologetically lured and bribed them with hot chocolate, gave them pens and pumpkins (couldn’t find the glitter, unfortunately) and gave them some ideas to get started.  After an hour or so we’d all produced something rather artistic, we’d had conversations, no arguments and I think I saw something vaguely resembling pride on my children’s faces – Mum win!

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There is, of course, the added bonus that these now beautifully decorated works of art can become a soup, a pie or a wholesome addition to a winter stew in a week or two.  Don’t let your little canvases rot, enjoy them, then get creative and eat them…. here’s my favourite soup recipe courtesy of the genius that is Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall – Butternut and peanut butter soup.


Have a spooky Halloween and come back on Wednesday for the next family challenge x

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